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5 rules to follow when claiming for arson

Claim: Arson attack on production unit A client’s business was subject to an Arson attack with an unfortunate case of mistaken identity that left a third of their unit, out of action for 4 months. Tim was notified that there was a fire at his unit in...

Bogus Bosses and how they damage your company’s reputation

Recently we've been answering your 'what if' questions, giving you the facts so you can make sure your insurance policy covers your business and today we’re covering cyber and data risks and the steps you can follow to insuring your business. When it comes to cyber...

Stamping out Warehouse Fire Risks

Warehouses are vital repositories for a business’ stock. They store most, if not all, of a business’ goods ready for sale or distribution. Because they have such an important function—safeguarding the biggest source of a business’ income—warehouses can control a business’ fate. Any warehouse disaster, such...

Stand! To avoid an early death

Following decades of research, health and wellness experts have discovered that sitting for even just four hours each day can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer....