Personal Guarantee Insurance

Having been asked by many clients about insuring personal guarantees, we set about finding the right providers. We’re pleased to say amb has now teamed up with leading insurer, Purbeck Insurance Services, to offer you Personal Guarantee cover.

This now means you can proceed to grow your business in the confidence that you’re covered should something go wrong.

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Personal guarantee insurance covers the director’s personal estate so that, should the business become insolvent and the lender calls on the director’s Personal Guarantee, the director will be insured against the financial loss.

Purbeck’s Personal Guarantee insurance offering is available for a wide range of business loans including secured and unsecured loans.  

These could typically include:

  • Commercial mortgages
  • Peer to peer loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Short-term working capital loans
  • Invoice finance

Insurance is available for new or existing guarantees, multiple guarantees and guarantees with multiple guarantors.

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A dedicated insurance solution including:

  • Competitive premiums & cover 
  • Cover for a wide range of loans 
  • Unlimited access to business support services
  • Full quotation in minutes 
  • Cover from an A-rated leading insurer 
  • Cover for multiple guarantees 
  • Available for secured & unsecured loans 
  • Annual cover 
  • Cover of up to £400,000 for secured loans 
  • Cover of up to £300,000 for unsecured loans