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When things go wrong, let us help you put things right.

The true test of your insurance policy comes after an incident occurs. After an incident, the loss you suffer can go on for weeks or months. Trying to accurately measure this can be a challenge.

At amb, we are committed to delivering technical advice with a smile when things go wrong. That’s why we offer a range of technical claims services levels, so you can use the service that’s right for you.

How will I benefit from a loss adjuster?

Your claims adjuster will be a trained professional who has considerable experience helping people in your situation.

The claims adjuster will:

  • Verify your loss, compiling, presenting and negotiating the claim.
  • Gather evidence to defend liability claims against you.
  • Contact you within one hour of notification by us and visit the site within 24 hours.
  • Mitigate your loss, salvaging undamaged items.
  • Minimise disruption to you and your business.
  • Manage the risks associated with other elements of your business.

Choose your service level

At amb, we do things differently. We’re committed to delivering exceptional service as standard, offering swift and meticulous advice every time via our Bronze, Silver and Gold claim services.

What if I run out of time?

If, during the claim, it becomes clear more time or a site visit is necessary, you can request additional support by agreeing to a post loss fee. This is a set percentage deducted from the claims settlement. The higher the package level, the lower the post loss fee.




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