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Stay safe with our firework safety tips

Celebrations attract the use of fireworks. This is no different for Halloween and bonfire night, which traditionally are some of the busiest nights of the year for emergency services. Check out our firework safety tips for a safer celebration.

amb launch Alice Charity boxes on behalf of local charity

amb are proud to sponsor our local charity the Alice Charity but this time we wanted to do more. We have launched a re-usable food-bank box to make donating and collecting as easy as possible for local businesses.

Is your commercial property ready for winter?

Every business has it's own individual problems during winter, check out our top tips to get your property ready for the colder months

5 things to contemplate when considering an electric car

Offering both private motor insurance and specialist electric car cover amb insurance takes a look at the options when it comes to insuring electric cars

How to spot the signs of identity theft, how to reduce your risk level and what to do if it happens to you

Names, addresses, dates of birth and other personal details are a key that opens the door to bank accounts, credit cards, state benefits and passports, all in your name. A criminal might, for example, order goods in your name or take out multiple loans. It is often impossible to retrieve any money or prevent damage to your credit rating.

10 Top tips to get your warehouse ready for winter

Whether a warehouse forms just part of your retail operation or storage and distribution is the core of your business, plummeting temperatures can cause warehouse chaos.

Tradesmen and cyber- crime, how to spot a fake HMRC email

Cyber-crime is one of the biggest problems facing businesses in the present day, with hackers attempting both rudimentary and more sophisticated methods to infiltrate your systems and data.

Cyber crime insurance among manufacturers up 89% from 2015

Manufacturers paid $36.9 million in premiums for cyber insurance in 2016, according to figures from Advisen Ltd, an insurance consulting firm reported in the Wall Street Journal. Those figures are up a staggering 89% from 2015.

Workplace fires - what you ought to know, common causes and how to prevent them

Without the awareness, care and attention of everyone at work, a fire can start and spread in the workplace. What’s more, ill-preparation can cost lives.

What you need to know about insurance pay-outs

Do you know how often insurers pay-out? Although consumers have a negative opinion of insurers, often having your claim approved is as simple as reading through the paperwork and making sure you abide by the terms of your policy.

Do you know who is liable if your golf ball strikes someone?

You're about to tee off and you notice there are some gentlemen taking their time near the green. Do you take the shot?

3 hot weather problems for landlords

Property issues never take a holiday, and summer can throw up its own set of problems for landlords.

Did you know that GDPR could affect your insurance?

Since May 2018 UK businesses need to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations. Did you know the change in regulations could also affect your insurance cover?

Are you voiding your Cyber policy?

Protecting your business with cyber liability is a major step in protecting your business in the event of a date breach, but are your working practises compliant with the terms in your policy?

Are we spending too much time carrying out 'life admin' tasks?

Mundane tasks such as motor and home insurance and paying bills are taking up a substantial amount of our time. How can an insurance broker help you lighten the load?

Phishing for small fish: Why SMEs need cyber insurance

Cyber criminals don’t go after small fish, right? WRONG! SMEs are at risk too! Find out how you can protect your business from cyber attack

Six reasons why..... to use an insurance broker

Insurance, like visiting the dentist has become one of life's inevitabilities. In an age of comparison websites here are 6 reasons why you should use an insurance broker

Manufacturers, You need to prioritise cyber security!

Only one third of manufacturers identify cyber security as a high priority leaving them open to cyber attacks.

Top 5 challenges the manufacturing sector has to overcome in 2018

2017 was a fantastic year for manufacturing, manufacturing output reached its highest level for 10 years. Here are the 5 top challenges facing manufacturers in 2018

Insuring a listed building: what you need to know

Listed buildings can be a beautiful purchase... but they come with additional requirements, here's what you need to know

Chasing payments: How to tackle outstanding invoices

Late payments can be one of the most frustrating parts of running a small business, find out how to tackle outstanding invoices

5 insurance twists that could catch you out

You may think you are covered, but have you triple checked your insurance policies? Here are 5 insurance twists that could catch you out

Leguminophobia... An irrational fear of baked beans

Leguminophobia, an irrational fear of baked beans is one of many irrational fears of British adults in the UK. Here are the top 20 fears of British adults

5 things businesses need to know about cyber attacks in 2018

Cyber crime in on the rise and is costing small businesses billions of pounds every year. Traditional insurance policies are not designed to handle 21st Century threats, they are geared towards physical threats and not digital attacks. Here's what you need to know about Cyber attacks in 2018

5 ways to prevent construction site theft

Equipment theft from construction project can be seriously disruptive and cost businesses thousands. Here’s how to prevent crime

We are recruiting. Commercial Account Handler Position available.

amb Insurance currently have an exciting opportunity for an experienced individual looking for a challenge in an Account Handler role expanding the commercial business and servicing an existing client base. The role is offered full time, permanent and working office hours Monday to Friday 9-5:00.

#TeamAbbotts are taking on the Stafford Half Marathon

amb’s MD Andrew Barrow is warming up to join friends and family of Sharon Mason (nee Abbotts) in raising funds for the MS Society and Headway North Staffordshire.

5 Weather Dangers for Construction Workers

Apart from making a working day miserable, certain weather conditions can hamper progress on a construction site, or worse still, bring a much greater risk of accident or injury to operations. Here are five situations where the impact of the elements shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How to avoid Underinsurance : Topic 1 Subsidence

How would your business cope if you had to vacate your property during major renovation works involving subsidence?

Which insurance premiums are set to rise? Which are to fall?

Insurance Age, an industry magazine, asked insurance professionals their opinion over changes in insurance premiums.

Ghost Brokers - how to avoid unauthorised Insurance Brokers

The FCA has released a statement warning consumers over checking the authorisation status of their insurance broker. Halifax and Penn have been named as the latest broker who the regulator believes to have been "...providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation"

Decisions, Decisions. Where do you stand in chilly weather

There is often alot of debate over employees rights when it comes to working conditions in cold weather. Here is a little clarity over what the law states and good practice

Prepare for Storm Barbara!

Storm Barbara is prepared to strike this weekend and we want to make sure that everything of yours is fully insured.

The Joint Code of Practice

10/11/2016 - Each year, fires on construction sites and buildings happen and need to go under refurbishment. Not only are historical interests damaged, but also plant and equipment are damaged.

Timber Frame Buildings and Fires!

03/11/2016 - This article is based on incidents within Newcastle, Peckham, East London, Camberwell and Basingstoke.

Construction Site Fire Emergency Procedures

27/10/2016 - On all construction sites, workers must be given a warning of fire. All nominated personnel’s, such as security guards, would need to be briefed on providing clear access to the entire site if an emergency happens.

Prevent Fires On Construction Sites

20/10/2016 - All sites and buildings which are currently under construction are vulnerable to fires. Fires destroy equipment, cost money and can even delay or bring a project to a complete halt. More importantly, fires can cost lives.

6 ways that SME’s can be innovative

22/09/2016 - Small and medium-sized businesses have an advantage when it’s time to adapt to new technology. It can help companies to grow and maintain a skill or coherent workforce.

New Insurance Act in the UK

01/09/2016 - On 12th August 2016, we saw the Insurance Act 2015 come into force and it brought with it a new default regime for business insurances in the UK. This represents the important statutory change to the UK commercial insurance law for the first time in over 100 years.

We’re just getting started with our SME research press campaign – but it’s already getting attention!

18/08/2016 - 538 SME’s across the UK took a poll to see where there priorities would lie. This research gathered up to 30% of people who stated that damage to their reputation is the biggest threat to their company.

Is your quote like for like...?

18/08/2016 - On many occasions we find ourselves offering a quotation to a client who has engaged with another broker.

AMB Insurance Are Hiring !! Account Handler Working towards a Sales Executive Position £20-£25 K per annum

Due to our continued growth, we are looking to recruit into our team. There are two positions available.

AMB Insurance Are Hiring !! Account Handler £15-£20K per annum

Due to our continued growth, we are looking to recruit into our team. There are two positions available.

Fragile surfaces

14/07/2016 - The law says that contractors and employers must manage the danger by avoiding work on or near fragile surfaces and controlling any remaining risk by use of stagings, guard-rails, and fall arrest systems.

Types of reportable incidents

07/07/2016 - Another week another blog post and this week we’re covering reportable incidents. RIDDOR can be a bit intimidating, with 32 pages to read it’s a big document but we’re here to make it a little easier.

Do you need Personal Accident Insurance?

30/06/2016 - Here at amb insurance, we like to keep you up to date on all insurance policy updates, but today we’re covering an important problem that is happening right now.

Repeals, revocations and amendments

24/06/2016 - Here at amb insurance, we want to keep you up to date on all insurance policy updates, and this blog post is no different.

Contractor’s Plant and Machinery Insurance: An overview

09/06/2016 - A Contractor’s Plant & Machinery Insurance insures movable plant and machinery owned or leased by the principals or contractors and used on site for various construction work, repairs & maintenance jobs.

5 rules to follow when claiming for arson

15/04/2016 - A client’s business was subject to an Arson attack with an unfortunate case of mistaken identity that left a third of their unit, out of action for 4 months

Working at Height - How to help your insurers to defend claims against you

14/04/2016 - Working from a height is dangerous - whether that's from a rooftop or scaffolding the potential for serious injury, resulting in broken bones, or a lifelong disability or worse, is increased and your business and employees need to be protected. In construction, workers can be working from heights for a majority of different reasons in a variety of environments.

Bogus Bosses and how they damage your company's reputation

31/03/2016 - Recently we've been answering your 'what if' questions, giving you the facts so you can make sure your insurance policy covers your business and today we’re covering cyber and data risks and the steps you can follow to insuring your business.

Stamping out Warehouse Fire Risks

10/03/2016 - Warehouses are vital repositories for a business' stock. They store most, if not all, of a business' goods ready for sale or distribution.

What if my employee misjudges a safety issue on site and now he’s being investigated?

25/02/2016 - Here at amb insurance, we want to bring you the latest in insurance policies and this week we're talking about the updated Construction (Design & Management) Regulations.

What if my site manager misjudges a safety on site, now he’s being investigated for corporate manslaughter?

18/02/2016 - Here at amb insurance, we want to highlight the full range of risks and insurance policies associated with your industry, this week we're talking about the updated Construction (Design & Management) Regulations and what that means to the decision makers in your business.

Finally, an end is in sight for fraudulent claims!

04/02/2016 - Insurers have been fighting against spurious claims from low impact shunts for years and the problem has only got worse as the UK is consumed more and more by a compensation culture.

What if I work on specialist sites such as air-side or in government buildings?

28/01/2016 - Recently we've been answering your 'what if' questions, giving you the facts so you can make sure your insurance policy covers your business. With airside or government buildings it’s important that these contracts are disclosed to the insurers as they are outside the usual scope of a policy.

What If I sub-contract out all of my work? I wouldn't need to have employers liability cover, would I?

21/01/2016 - This month, we're looking to answering the 'What-if' situations you might have about your business and this week we're focusing on insuring work that is done by a subcontractor.

Stand! To avoid an early death

27/08/2015 - Following decades of research, health and wellness experts have discovered that sitting for even just four hours each day can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The Insurance Premium Tax Hike?

22/07/2015- On 8th July 2015, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his Summer Budget 2015 to Parliament, one of the most controversial and unexpected measures of the Budget was Osborne’s increase to the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

Safe Working Outdoors this Summer - Protect yourself against the sun, heat and insects

20/07/2015 - Be safe and healthy while you work with these helpful tips. As an outdoor worker, it is important to take precautions against exposure to sun, heat and insect bites during the summer months.

Employers Liability - I don't need this because my employees are self employed?

10/07/2015 - Employers Liability - is one of the few insurance covers required by Law. Many companies fall short with their cover because the innocently believe their 'employees' are self employed. There's a little more to it.

What is Public Liability, do I need it, and what does it cover?

07/07/2015 - The only way to effectively protect the assets of your business is to carry adequate insurance cover. Liability insurance protects your business from damages caused by bodily injury or property damage for which your business is found to be legally liable.

Combating Industrial Deafness Claims

23/06/2015 - A significant portion of the industrial deafness claims made in recent years are not being filed by current employees, but by individuals that were employed 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. While it is difficult to retroactively protect your organisation and employees, there are several strategies you can adopt to mitigate retroactive industrial deafness claims.

The Dangers of Being Underinsured

08/06/2015 - Dangers of Being Underinsured Many businesses, regardless of industry, are risking their own survival by unwittingly remaining underinsured. The problem is widespread and perennial, and a cataclysmic event can strike at any moment, leaving businesses vulnerable to complete destruction.

Aviva Community Support Fund - NSPCC

22/05/2015 - We know that around one in five children have been severely abused or neglected in childhood. By supporting one of two key projects, Aviva could make a real difference to local children, nationally.

Your Decision Makers with Cover and Communication

21/05/2015 - Business decision makers are left exposed to personal claims against them. Discover how to protect them.

DVLA Phases Out Paper Licences

06/05/2015 - DVLA The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is phasing out the paper counterpart and will only issue the photocard driving licence starting 8th June 2015, What does this mean for Employers and Employees?

Manufacturing Risk Management

06/05/2015 - We understand the risks you face in the manufacturing industry and will work with you to develop a comprehensive, bespoke policy based on your needs. We have extensive experience dealing with manufacturing covers, including property damage, machinery and contents, business interruption, goods in transit, liability and many more.

The Official Launch Of Our New Website

28/04/2015 - Following several months of working closely with Exesios BDD (Brand Digital Design) we are proud to announce the launch of our new website.

Defensive Driving Techniques

24/04/2015 - You may have heard mention of defensive driving, but do you really know what it means?

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