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 Home insurance policies have numerous and varying levels of covers to consider. Often it can become very confusing as to what the covers mean, and how they affect the way your claim will be paid.  

In our initial chat with you we will explain what all the different covers mean, and gauge which of them will suit your needs best. We can then go away to find the appropriate policy and tailor it to you.  

Some see home insurance as an unnecessary, additional cost, however, having protection in place for your home cannot be understated.  

No one likes the thought of their home, or anything in it, being damaged, stolen, lost etc. Whether it be as small as damage to a carpet, or as severe as a fire ripping through your home, you need the peace of mind your possessions are covered.

The process involved with claiming can be very stressful and at some stage in our lives, it's something we are all likely to face. We will guide you through it, step-by-step.

It was a big enough nightmare having my beautiful new floor dug up becasue of a burst, but thanks to AMB they took away all the stress of dealing with the claim and kept me informed every step of the way

Key covers

What if my house is broken into and precious family items such as jewellery are taken ?

Knowing that a claim will be a paid is the minimum you expect, but how your claim will be paid is imperative.

We understand personal items such as jewellery or watches have personal attachment to them.

We will discuss with you the way we will approach the claim and how it will be settled – we can also help you choose the appropriate policy to reflect this.

What if my house is burgled and a large amount of the contents are taken ? What then ?

We understand that the value of the contents of your house will accumulate over time and with a just a few simple questions we will help you insure your contents for the correct amount with the correct cover.

If there are certain valuable items such as collections, art, antiques, or sports equipment they might require additional cover that compliments that specific items.

We can make sure your policy is tailored for that.

What if we have to relocate from our home whilst building work is happening? What can you do?

We understand that as a home owner you need to know, if something worse was to happen to the building, your home that you will be reinstated.
If you need to temporarily relocate this will be covered, as standard.

What if...what if... what if?

If you need to go through your current policy or if there is something we haven’t quite covered here contact us today to get a made to measure quote and policy that fits your needs.

key benefits

Whether you’re a new business with great ambition, or an existing company with very specific needs we will form a dependable relationship with you, driving your premiums down and ensuring a reliable cover, as well as providing guidance with any problematic claims along the way. Professional, approachable, we work swiftly and meticulously, with you... Doing it all with a smile. If you work in the service, financial, manufacturing, construction or a totally different industry we will work with you to protect your company from potential claims and make claims for you if the need is there. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for business insurance; whether that means creating a policy that covers you from potential claims or something has happened suddenly that you're unprepared for we're there, every step of the way. We understand how important it is to get your company back up and running, whether that's covering a loss of stock, dealing with a harassment claim or dealing with damage to company vehicles, we can create a policy that works for you. You only need to ask.

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