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The shopping has brought about major changes in the haulage industry. More goods are being dispatched than ever before and customers’ expectations are higher as ever interims of delivery times and returns of goods.

As the market increases haulage distribution centres are bustling places with lots of goods and people coming and going.

By helping you to manage the risks involved we can reduce the frequency and expense of claims – in turn, maintaining a favorable premium and policy conditions for you. There is, however, only so much you can do, human errors happen and when they do, you need to know your costs are covered. We will provide you with a reliable insurance policy to do just that.

Working previously with a vast number of companies and working to ensure that claims are managed quickly and professionally to allow you not only to focus on your business but also rapidly decrease downtimes making sure your business is up and running as quickly as possible.

You need to understand every point of your policy and how it work; we can go through this step by step making sure your insurance fits your company as it should. Call us today for a quote and work with amb insurance today. 


Key covers

What happens if something happens to my fleet - such as unexpected repair bills ?

We can provide financial protection from unexpected repair bills and allegations of accidents keeping you and your vehicles protected for use to keep your business running.

Insurers use trusted garages to quickly get you back on the road and legal teams to defend claims from third parties we can help to make this process easy for you and get your business running smoothly again

What if there's damage to another company's good whilst I have it ?

Damage to another company’s goods while held in your custody, typically is a result of theft, fire or water damage.

We ensure that a good, prompt claims service keeps your customer happy and preserves your relationship with them.

What if my stock/buildings/contents is damaged ? What can you do to help ?

Risks to your stock, buildings and contents range from fire and theft, to escape of water and storm.

Getting to know your exact cover requirements for your equipment, such as racking, plant and stock, means we can work with the insurers claims representative to resolve a fair and swift claim settlement.

What if…..what if… what if ??

There are obviously other important aspects to the insurance policy which we can’t understate.

Your business is unique and we pride ourselves on establishing what those unique traits are.

Please use the contact us button to get in touch or access our industry newsletter that talks about relevant industry topics.

key benefits

Whether you’re a new business with great ambition, or an existing company with very specific needs we will form a dependable relationship with you, driving your premiums down and ensuring a reliable cover, as well as providing guidance with any problematic claims along the way. Professional, approachable, we work swiftly and meticulously, with you... Doing it all with a smile. If you work in the service, financial, manufacturing, construction or a totally different industry we will work with you to protect your company from potential claims and make claims for you if the need is there. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for business insurance; whether that means creating a policy that covers you from potential claims or something has happened suddenly that you're unprepared for we're there, every step of the way. We understand how important it is to get your company back up and running, whether that's covering a loss of stock, dealing with a harassment claim or dealing with damage to company vehicles, we can create a policy that works for you. You only need to ask.

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