Are we spending too much time carrying out ‘life admin’ tasks?

A recent survey revealed that the average adult performs 109 ‘life admin’ tasks a year.

Mundane tasks such as motor and home insurance, paying bills and checking bank balances are taking up a substantial amount of our time.

Changing insurance companies makes number 10 in the Top 20 life admin tasks.

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Top 20 life admin tasks

  1. Paid a utility bill
  2. Bought a gift
  3. Paid a council tax bill
  4. Booked a doctor’s appointment
  5. Written a shopping list
  6. Checked banking expenditure
  7. Booked a holiday
  8. Researched home improvements
  9. Booked a transport ticket
  10. Changed insurance company
  11. Written a letter
  12. Researched a new phone
  13. Bought a new phone
  14. Written or updated a CV
  15. Managed your mortgage
  16. Changed banking details
  17. Applied for a job
  18. Filled out your tax return
  19. Notified a change of address
  20. Enrolled on a course


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