What if my site manager misjudges a safety on site, now he’s being investigated for corporate manslaughter?

Here at amb insurance, we want to highlight the full range of risks and insurance policies associated with your industry, this week we’re talking about the updated Construction (Design & Management) Regulations and what that means to the decision makers in your business.

The aim of the update is to raise the standard of construction, health and safety management by anticipating potential problems at the design stage.

On-site there is a chain of command, and despite intensive health and safety training, there is always a risk of injury.

By placing the duties on the designers and contractors to plan, and manage the health and safety throughout the stages of planning, coordinating and management of the project, health and safety are managed at every stage of the construction plan.

You should always be diligent with arranging your insurance, it’s your final safety net. Public and Employers rarely get missed, however, these protect you from costs of an injury to a somebody and the defence costs.

Public or Employers liability policies are not designed to defend you against criminal investigations.

Where legal proceedings will be presented in the criminal courts, such as Corporate Manslaughter, or claims where there has been no physical damage such as harassment or racial prejudice you need a Directors and Officers or Management Liability Insurance policy.

The CDM rules haven’t changed the risk but it’s certainly a good time to make sure you have the right protection and you make an informed decision over the insurance you select.

We hope that these points have helped to clear up some questions but if there are specific questions relating to this and your business amb insurance can create a policy that covers you and your business so you don’t have to worry – call today to organise a consultation. Next week we’re covering more on this topic and looking at need protection from allegations of miss management – so tune in next week for more!