Breakdown cover

Most car owners have had that sinking feeling you get when you put your key in the ignition and…nothing.

Or when you’re driving down the motorway and your engine begins to make an ominous clunking noise that gets louder with every junction passed.

Now, at amb we aren’t car mechanics, so we won’t be able to stop your car from having these issues, but we can make sure that you have the right breakdown cover in place.

By choosing from our three affordable cover options, you can be reassured that if there’s ever a problem, help will be quickly on the way.

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Cover options  

UK Roadside Assistance and National Recovery £64

Get aid from a vehicle rescue operator who will attempt to fix your vehicle, transport it to a local garage and transport you and up to 7 passengers to your destination or issue you with accommodation.

UK Roadside Assistance, National Recovery and Homestart £79  

For home breakdowns, a rescue operator will try to fix your vehicle at your home or it will be transported to a local garage.

UK Roadside Assistance, National Recovery, Homestart & European* £94

Additional European cover, including alternative travel arrangements, emergency car hire and vehicle recovery to the UK. * European cover not available for vehicles over 16 years old.

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