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Motor Trade

Whether you or your business repairs or sells cars, bikes, vans, whatever it may be, it needs protection - insurance to be specific.

Reliability is pivotal to the motor trade, whether you are selling cars from home, right the way up to a garage forecourt or two heaving with cars - damage can happen anytime, anywhere. 

Vehicles are exposed to theft and malicious damage so, it’s important you know that your claim will be paid fairly and promptly, to enable you to continue to run your business. No-one wants to find themselves without a backup plan and that's where amb insurance come in.

Some may see insurance as an additional cost; however we see it as a key part of your business and vital to its smooth running. Using our expertise and that of the insurer, we fight claims made against you and help to make claims for you, allowing you to focus on the running of your business.

We know it's important to get the right cover and motor trade policies can be littered with exclusions and terms. We want to make sure that with our knowledge and support you can trade with confidence and be safe in the knowledge we'll be there at each step in the process. You need to understand your policy and what your insurance covers; we are the people to do that. 

Key covers

What if my mechanic damages my customers vehicle ?

Even the most experienced mechanics can make mistakes and be accused of negligence; the correct, specialist motor trade policy will defend and pay for the costs involved in the claim.

You will get to speak to an experienced engineer to work on your defence and will be protected from additional, unnecessary costs.

What if I unknowingly buy a car the seller didn't legally own ?

Being sold a vehicle that the seller does not legally own is a financial loss that you shouldn't have to suffer.

Your policy can be extended to include this so you can invest in a new vehicle with confidence.

What if my vehicles are damaged during day to day business driving ?

As we've mentioned there are many things to consider when insuring your fleet and stock based on your unique business.

Whether customers need to test drive a vehicle or if you need a company van to be driven by a variety of members of staff we can incorporate this into your policy.

We will make sure your policy hits every one of your companies requests.

What if…..what if… what if ??

There are obviously other important aspects to the insurance policy which will be unique to your business.

Each policy is managed carefully and we pride ourselves on establishing what the unique traits of your company are.
Please use the contact us button and see what we as a company can do for you.

key benefits

Whether you’re a new business with great ambition, or an existing company with very specific needs we will form a dependable relationship with you, driving your premiums down and ensuring a reliable cover, as well as providing guidance with any problematic claims along the way. Professional, approachable, we work swiftly and meticulously, with you... Doing it all with a smile. If you work in the service, financial, manufacturing, construction or a totally different industry we will work with you to protect your company from potential claims and make claims for you if the need is there. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for business insurance; whether that means creating a policy that covers you from potential claims or something has happened suddenly that you're unprepared for we're there, every step of the way. We understand how important it is to get your company back up and running, whether that's covering a loss of stock, dealing with a harassment claim or dealing with damage to company vehicles, we can create a policy that works for you. You only need to ask.

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