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If you are providing professional advice, there is a chance, at some stage, your advice will be questioned. If the advice has resulted in a financial loss, there may be grounds for a claim against you.

In today’s culture of commercial litigation, it is important that you and your business are protected. The legal process involved with financial claims can be costly, lengthy and time consuming; having a comprehensive insurance policy in place ensures you can focus on running your business, while your insurer fights your case, as well as covering the cost.

Sometimes insurance policies can be forgotten, then a claim is made and you're not in the right situation in terms of your cover to deal with a potentially large payout, legal fees, and time spent away from your business.

At amb we want to make any potential legal battles or claims made by you as simple as possible and going through your current policy with us could make a big difference if something unwarranted were to happen.

Contact us today and we can go through and make changes - making sure you're ready for anything that might damage your business.  

Key covers

What if there’s a breach of my contract and I'm liable ?

Breach of contract, liable and slander are just some accusations that could arise as a result of your advice.

Your insurer will use their expertise to defend these allegations with you and where needed appoint solicitors, even barristers to protect you.

What if I lose valuable and private data through physical theft ?

Reinstatement of your computer equipment and its data following either a physical theft or cyber-attack, needs to be prompt.

We’ll propose a policy that understands your reliance on this, reacting swiftly when called upon, allowing you to continue to trade.

What if there's an allegation of harassment ? What do I do then ?

Modern claims culture has brought about more claims for harassment, unfair dismissal, corporate manslaughter to name a few.

This policy protects you from allegations of negligent management decisions

What if…..what if… what if ??

There are obviously other important aspects to the insurance policy which we can’t understate.

Your business is unique and we pride ourselves on establishing what those unique traits are.

Please use the contact us button to get in touch or access our industry newsletter that talks about relevant industry topics.

key benefits

Whether you’re a new business with great ambition, or an existing company with very specific needs we will form a dependable relationship with you, driving your premiums down and ensuring a reliable cover, as well as providing guidance with any problematic claims along the way. Professional, approachable, we work swiftly and meticulously, with you... Doing it all with a smile. If you work in the service, financial, manufacturing, construction or a totally different industry we will work with you to protect your company from potential claims and make claims for you if the need is there. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop for business insurance; whether that means creating a policy that covers you from potential claims or something has happened suddenly that you're unprepared for we're there, every step of the way. We understand how important it is to get your company back up and running, whether that's covering a loss of stock, dealing with a harassment claim or dealing with damage to company vehicles, we can create a policy that works for you. You only need to ask.

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