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Your business in a nutshell

  1. Initial/Renewal Meeting
    Have a drink, you talk and we listen.
  2. Go To market
    We present your details to our array of insurers.
  3. Explanantion of terms
    We explain the technicalities in a nutshell. 
  4. Keep in touch
    Through social media, during business and connecting you to other professionals
  5. Claims
    We will help to present your claim, we explain the technicalities in a nutshell

About Us

We are a commercial insurance broker in Staffordshire. We moved to our existing offices in Wolstanton from Stone in 2011; the grand old building we now work from was designed and built by renowned architect Absalom Reed Wood in 1890. Since our formation in 2003 we have provided commercial insurance to businesses nationwide and have strived to offer a fresh twist in a profession steeped in tradition.

We Smile

An office radio and a Friday morning oatcake keeps the team happy. (It's the small things)

How do you take it?

We genuinely like to build relationships with our clients. Starting with a friendly drink helps you to talk and us to listen.


1. Because it is our favourite part of the job.

2. By listening we gain a thorough understanding of your business.


“amb understand our requirements, respond quickly and efficiently, and offer good value.”

Steve Berrington
Mettex Fasteners Ltd

Motorsport Specialists

We went to visit the client at their premises due to the specialist nature of the work they carry out. We discussed the cover they currently had in place and also reviewed the work they were undertaking. We could clearly see that their insurance policy did not reflect their involvement in motorsports. In view of their work we approached several key insurers who specialised in their trade. Our client was keen to expand their business and following our initial meeting we put them in touch with two of our trusted associates. One advised the client on the security required at the premises and the other advised on the health & safety requirements applicable to them. We are passionate about our clients, and as a result we work closely with several complementary associates to provide ongoing support and assistance.


We are relaxed

We maintain our professionalism but a dress down Friday keeps us relaxed

New Couriers

The client was in need of a specialist courier policy, despite having no proven experience and a 24 hour deadline to have cover in place. They were rejected by every market they had approached. It was seen as too complex a risk to place in the timescale provided by the client. We met with the client and reviewed their demands & needs. As a newly established company, it was imperative to emphasise the clients experience in courier driving when presenting the risk to all insurers. We were able to obtain a quotation and provide full cover within 24 hours which meant the client could not only accept the contract they were offered but secure employment for several members of staff.


The Tortoise &
The Hare

We are all familiar with the fable of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise wins the day with steady progress; every footstep he makes is meticulously made. When
arranging your policy we act meticulously.

The tortoise is the victor but that’s not to say that the hare’s haste cannot be directed. When a claim occurs we act swiftly.

Disaster Claim 

Sometimes claims arise that are much more personal, where lives and treasured possessions are threatened. When this happens it is important for you to feel secure. Our director received a call from a client at 3.30am on a Sunday morning. There were 5 fire engines on site putting out a fire that was engulfing the clients home and possessions. It was important for us to give our client the feeling of security and reassurance. We walked him through the claim, step-by-step, to help relieve some of the tremendous pressure he was under. The claim was reported promptly and when the loss adjusters visited what was left of our client’s home we provided assistance and support with the presentation of his claim to his insurers. We were also able to recommend some of our trusted contacts so we knew that he was in safe hands throughout the rebuild process. We were even able to temporarily rehome the pet cats & parrot while accommodation for the rest of the family was arranged.


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